Friday, August 19, 2011

Confession of a frustrating card…

Ever start a card out of no where and it seemed to go no where? That’s what happened here. I just NEEDED some stamp therapy and came across a few hiccups. So, the therapy didn’t quite work and not sure this card totally works but I do like a few elements to it. First, I stamped the owls and got out my unused(don’t hate me but i’ve had a few sets for about a year and haven’t touched them-intimidated by them). So I think I did ok w/ them for a first shot. They weren’t so scary and having 3 sets i had enuff colors to blend.

Next thing-my image didn’t quite fit right on a standard A2 card yet it wasn’t enuff to hold its own on a 5x7. So I cut a layer to put on the card base-still too big, so I scored around the layer to keep the size of everything but draw ur eyes in to the middle more. I think it worked.

On to another one-how do you keep it simple but add some elements? Turned to my ever growing Papertrey collection. I so tried for a long time to not break down and be obsessed w/ a different company but the dies got me! Now papers, stamps, dies…gotta have it. Oooops sorry I digress…LOL I love them. So I really wanted a button but nothing looked that great in the middle, then I thought curling ribbon. I love using curling ribbon on b-day cards. It just says “birthday” to me and it’s not really bulky and has no weight. Now that I got that in my head to use-did I have white-nope, nope I didn’t LOL!

Also, I broke out the wood grain embossing folder. Ehhhh didn't get the look I wanted on the pattern paper-grrrrrr.

Ok enuff griping. Maybe this card works or maybe it doesn’t. I’m so sick of it(this has been ongoing between running the kids/work/picking up white curling ribbon and stuff), it’s been almost a week at my desk. So I’m calling it done. But just thought I’d share. I gotta believe I’m not the only stamper to have problems like this LOL I hope not anyway-although I wouldn’t wish it on anyone either. LOL!

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