Thursday, January 22, 2009


Here's a fun little thing I made. I had this in mind for teachers valentines and one for my chocolate loving boss. It started out different but the final results work for me.I'm sure this isn't an original idea-I look at blogs so much that I don't know if my ideas come from me or I've seen it some where. Anyway here are the dimensions I came up with

*4 1/4x11 piece of cs
score @ 1/2,1 1/2,5,6,9 1/2(this part is really not necessary but will show you were you tape the 1/4" side to)
Then cut 1/4" off the 1/2 score. I had to do this so I could get my punch centered for the holes for the Hershey Sticks.
So after cutting off that 1/4" then I punched 4-1/2" circles(centered in the 1/2" and 1" score lines) to slide the sticks in. The 1/4" part gets taped to where the 9 1/2 mark would be/is.
Make sense? I hope so.

Some Materials used:
1/2" circle punch
Clear Dollar Stamps
Martha punches
Hershey choc. sticks

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Danni said...

How cute is that? Wow, awesome job! Love seeing you post!