Wednesday, December 17, 2008

???Kreativ Blogger???

Hmmm I don't even know what to say to this. Mrs Loomis gave me some homework and a wonderful compliment by giving me an award. I have really no idea what I'm doing here but if I follow the leader it looks like I need to list 7 things I love...

1)My boys-as much as they drive me crazy I can't function w/out them.
2)My parents-they're always there when I need them.
3)My friends-I know, I know everyone thinks theirs are the best-but honestly, mine are the best!
4)I love to watch movies-and going to plays
5)Thunderstorms-they are so peaceful to me.
Ok now I'll get into some of my loves for stamping since this is a stamping blog :o)
5)Nestibilities-they are a must have IMO!
6)Timeless templates from Papertrey Ink
I am a template addict. Gotta love a cute little box for homemade treats or whatever else...
7)Oh and I love to stamp w/ some sort of music or musical on. Then I can just listen and sing along and don't look up as much. We have HBO and they're always repeating something-last month I think was Hairspray lol

Ok, so now I need to shout out to some other blogs. Actually I get to "tag" them w/ this award... Hmmmm Of course first on my list has to be Michael :o)
1)World of Michael Trent
2)Danni's Dreams
3)Creative Journey
4)Creations By Angela
5)Stampin With Angels
6)Red Hot Sassy Rubber Artist

I think that's it-homework done. It's been a few weeks but I finally did it :o)
I know if you need some inspiration you'll get it from the blogger's/friends I listed. Very talented people!


Danni said...

Thanks!! I don't post awards anymore but I truly appreciate this.
And when did you get a blog and why didn't I know about it?? LOL!

World of Michael Trent said...

Curse you, Red Baron!!!